For your convenience, we have provided two options listed below to join HYN:

1. A secure online method.

2. You may print, and fill out the paper application and mail it to the address listed below.

The Association has two classes of membership:  (1) nonprofit organizations, incorporated or unincorporated, and governments or government agencies operating within Houston/Harris County, Texas area, one of whose purposes is to provide programs of homelessness prevention and/or housing and/or support services to homeless youth and young adults (hereinafter referred to as “Organizational Member”); and (2) other persons, as described in the Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act, who are devoted to the Association’s purposes (hereinafter referred to as “Individual Member”).

The affairs of the Association shall be transacted by a Board of Trustees of no fewer than three nor more than twenty-one Trustees elected from the members of the Association and to serve until resignation or removal, or until their successors are qualified and elected in accordance with the by-laws of the Association.

HYN believes that by coordinating our services, establishing best practices, identifying service gaps and overlaps, if any, planning strategies and speaking in a unified voice, HYN more effectively respond to the needs of homeless, runaway and street-involved youth in the Houston/Harris County area.  Our members are dedicated to mobilizing our respective expertise and resources to address the risk and resiliency factors that can assist homeless, runaway and street-oriented youth to lead safe, drug-free, healthy and self-empowered lives. 

The Primary Goals of HYN are to:

1)       Establish a central HYN office and staff with secure financial support

2)       Promote youth leadership in pursuit of the HYN mission

3)       Develop and regularly update a runaway and homeless youth plan

4)       Increase HYN and participating member agency visibility in both the public and
private sectors

5)       Initiate an annual HYN self-evaluation program to include, but not to be limited to, a
survey of both client and participating member agency assessment.

Check the appropriate membership for which you are applying:

Statement of Intent to Join as a Individual Member-  $100.00 Annual Dues

I hereby declare my intent to join HYN.  I have reviewed the above purposes, goals and functions of the HYN and am committed to regularly attend the meetings and to assist in the work of HYN.

Statement of Intent to Join as an Organizational Member- $500.00 Annual Dues

On direction of and with the authority of the principal decision-makers of the undersigned Organization, I hereby declare this Organization’s intent to join HYN.  The undersigned has reviewed the purpose, goals and functions of the HYN and is committed to assist in the work of HYN.



Individual’s Name or Organization’s duly authorized Agent/Executive Director
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Please send application with check for membership dues to: 
Homeless Youth Network
C/O Harris County Protective Services
2525 Murworth
Houston,TX 77054

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